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Air Show 2007

We held our 2007 Air Show on Sunday 24 June.


It was a great success with superb flying displays. We were very lucky with the weather with the rain stayed away until after the show had finished.


We have added a few photographs. We are very grateful to Wayne Fivey, David Donaldson and Shaun Sowden for these.



Air Show 2007

BBC Radio Ulster DJ “Uncle Hugo” arrives by helicopter to entertain the huge crowds.

The Red Arrows approaching from the south. Note that there are only eight aircraft as one of the pilots was unable to take part.

Catalina on short final with “Red 10’s” Gazelle in the foreground.

Spitfire on short final. It is not as close to the trees as the photograph would indicate!

Team “Guinot” and their Steerman Bi-Planes with the brave girls on top.

Ex Vietnam War Huey complete with 0.50 calibre machine guns.

The massive Skyraider which features folding wings for aircraft carrier operations.

The French “Reva” Team with their Rutan Varieze 33s.

The “Reva” team act as “Wingmen” for the Catalina on a Flypass.

The Catalina entertains the large crowd of spectators. These aircraft were based in County Fermanagh during WW2.

Denis Kenyon put on a spirited display in a Schweizer 300.

The  ex RAF SAR Whirlwind arrives the day before the Air Show to take up its static display position.

RN Lynx on static display. It almost managed to blow over all the crowd control barriers on arrival with its powerful downwash, as did the Whirlwind the day before!

Pitts Special flown by David Heatherhayes from Scotland. He had arrived the morning of the Air Show after a long flight in poor weather. He was determined not to disappoint the public

The Maul of the Amphibious Flying Club just about to touch down after its display. The Huey sits ready for action in the foreground

P40 Kittyhawk taxis back after its display flight.

The colourful Extra 200 flown by David Bruton from Abbeyshrule with the L29 Bird Dog in the background.